The truth is, that all the genuine change we seek must come first from within ourselves. Nobody has an entirely blessed or easy life; we will all experience many challenges and times when we feel like we are on the wrong path, failing or full or regrets. Real peace and happiness however are not achieved by somehow getting everything in our life circumstances lined up exactly as we think it should be. Even if we somehow achieve this it will never stay for long, as everything in this world is impermanent and constantly changing. The same things which bring us so much joy today may tomorrow bring us sorrow. Real joy and freedom are about getting to a place where we know and trust our own hearts and minds enough to become our own solution to all our discomfort and we know how move ourselves back again and again into and a place of alignment and peace within.

While this is deeply self-empowering it can also be a little intimidating because it calls us to take on full responsibility for our own lives and internal work. Once we start to make changes within ourselves however then both the way that we perceive and understand life and the way that life actually unfolds around us will start to change to dramatically.

The philosophy of Heart Minded Coaching is to provide knowledge, understanding, inspiration, support and community that is individually tailored to each person’s unique needs and process. Through this each client will gain the skills and ability to become their own solution and answers to whatever they wish to work through or achieve in life.

About Donna

Donna’s first passion in life was nature and as she spent her early years growing up in South Africa, her childhood surrounded by it.  It was her deep love of the natural world which inspired her to train as a veterinary surgeon and to start her career in the field of medicine.  After obtaining degrees in both veterinary medicine and veterinary pathology Donna spent a year undertaking a medical and surgical equine internship in Belgium and then 5 years working in conventional veterinary practices in both England and Europe.  She then trained in veterinary acupuncture in the UK and in equine and canine osteopathy in Germany before setting up her own practice in the UK working in alternative medicine. 

Donna was endlessly fascinated by the relationship dynamics between the animals in her care and their owners and in particular how human emotions seemed to affect and transfer to the animals living around them. She also experienced the way that the animal’s emotional states were affecting their physical bodies and their ability to heal from injury and illness in the much same way as they seem to with people.

Even as a young child Donna was always looking for an understanding of the connection and interplay between the human mind, body and spirit and she has spent decades dedicated to her own personal exploration. She found her self drawing on what she learned through her own self study more and more in order to help the animals in her care and their owners. At this point Donna made the decision she wanted to start working with people directly.  She decided to tie all her knowledge and experience with nature, the body, medicine and self-development in together and took her Dream Builder Coaching Certification with the Life Mastery Institute in America.

The work that Donna undertook into her own self-awareness, connection and healing completely transformed her entire world as well as her passion, enjoyment and love for life. It was a feeling of profound gratitude for this that lead her to set up Heart Minded Coaching with the desire to share this knowledge and experience.

Donna’s Credentials:

Degree of Batchelor of Veterinary Science BVScBristol University, UK
Degree of Bachelor of Veterinary Pathology BScRoyal Veterinary College, UK
Membership Royal College of Veterinary SurgeonMRCVS
Internship in Equine Surgery and MedicineDierenkliniek De Morette, Belgium
Diploma of Equine OsteopathyVluggen Institute, Germany
Certification of safety and competency in veterinary AcupunctureAssociation of British Veterinary Acupuncturists
Certification in Canine OsteopathyVluggen Institute, Germany
Certification in Yoga Teacher trainingRishikesh Yog Peeth, India