If it is your desire to take greater, more loving ownership of your one precious life, then Heart Minded Coaching is dedicated to you.

The truth is that all real change in our lives must come first from change within ourselves. This understanding is extremely empowering because it puts us at the centre of all that we are looking for and are trying to create. It can however, also be a bit intimidating, because it calls us into taking full responsibility for ourselves and the work and time that we devote to our own self-discovery, healing, and growth.

Nobody’s life is entirely smooth or easy; as humans we will all experience many challenges and times when we feel like we are on the wrong path, failing or full of regrets. Real peace and happiness however are not achieved by somehow having everything in our life circumstances lined up exactly as we think it should be. We put so much of our time and focus on this but everything in this world is constantly changing and the same things which bring us joy today may bring us sorrow tomorrow. Real freedom, comfort, safety and peace comes from learning to access these spaces within ourselves and trusting our hearts and minds enough to be our own solution and comfort to our pain and struggles. If you have the genuine desire for a more fulfilling, purposeful and joyful life then there is no knowledge that is more beneficial or transformational. 

The philosophy of Heart Minded Coaching is centred on self-empowerment. Learning the tools and skills to become your own answers and solutions to whatever life brings to you. Whether you decide you want to work through 1:1 coaching, webinars or to become part of our unique membership groups, Heart Minded Coaching is dedicated to providing excellence in knowledge and self-understanding together with a strong sense of community, support and connection to everyone we work with.

About Donna

It was Donna’s love and passion for the natural world which inspired her to train as a veterinary surgeon and start her career in the field of medicine.  After obtaining degrees in both veterinary medicine and pathology she spent a year undertaking a medical and surgical equine internship in Belgium followed by 5 years working in specialist veterinary practices in both England and Europe.  Donna then trained in veterinary acupuncture in the UK and in equine and canine osteopathy in Germany before setting up her own practice in Suffolk working with alternative veterinary medicine, specialising in long term injury and illness in horses.

Donna’s other great long-term passion has been developing her understanding of the human mind and emotions and the powerful interconnections between mind, body and spirit. In these areas, she has dedicated decades to her own personal knowledge, learning and growth.

 Through her time in practice Donna became captivated by the relationship dynamics between the animals in her care and their owners and in particular how human emotions seemed to affect and transfer to the animals living around them. Again and again, she experienced the way that animal’s emotional states would affect their physical bodies and their ability or inability to heal from injury and illness. More and more she found herself drawing on her understanding of human emotions and the mind-body connection in order to teach owners how to help the animals in her care.

Eventually she decided to tie together all her knowledge and experience with medicine, the mind and body and she undertook the Dream Builder Coaching Certification with the Life Mastery Institute in America and then founded Heart Minded Coaching.

Donna’s Credentials:

Degree of Batchelor of Veterinary Science BVScBristol University, UK
Degree of Bachelor of Veterinary Pathology BScRoyal Veterinary College, UK
Member of Royal College of Veterinary SurgeonsMRCVS, UK
Equine Surgery and Medicine InternshipDierenkliniek De Morette, Belgium
Diploma of Equine Osteopathy EDOVluggen Institute, Germany
Cert. Canine Osteopathy Cert.COVluggen Institute, Germany
Cert. Veterinary Acupuncture SCVAAssociation of British Veterinary Acupuncturists, UK
Cert. Dream Builder Coach DBCLife Mastery Institute, USA
Cert. Yoga teacher TTCInternational Yoga Alliance, India