Never underestimate how important and meaningful your one life is. When we choose to focus on being the best possible version of ourselves, we transform not only our lives but everything around us as well.

Three golden rules for life:

If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no.

If you don’t go after what you want you will never have it.

If you don’t step forward you will always be in the same place.

Connected Consciousness Coaching

Coaching Ethos

The ethos behind CCC is that all true change, healing and growth comes first from within ourselves. We alone are capable of deciding how we will experience our lives.  Creating change within ourselves is not easy; it requires decision, effort, knowledge and support and guidance to help us see the unconscious patterns, habits and assumptions from which we base our lives. So often it is not what we don’t know which causes us the problems, it is what we think we know but it not true that does the damage. 

If you have the desire though then any change is possible for ever one of us!

Connected Consciousness coaching offers this knowledge, support and guidance through a number of different ways so that each individual can find what resonates with and suits them the best for real effected transformation. Donna offers individual coaching sessions, workshops, courses and membership groups aiming to provide support for truly LIFE CHANGING transformation and growth for the people who are ready and align to her as a coach.

About Donna

Donna first passion in life was nature and as she spent her early years growing up in South Africa, she was always surrounded by it.  It was the desire to act as a custodian for animals and our planet which inspired her to train as a veterinary surgeon and to start her career in the field of medicine.  After obtaining degrees in both veterinary medicine and veterinary pathology Donna spent a year undertaking a medical and surgical equine internship in Belgium and then 5 years working in conventional veterinary practices in both England and Europe.  She then trained in veterinary acupuncture in the UK and in equine and canine osteopathy in Germany before setting up her own practice in the UK working in alternative medicine.  In her work she was fascinated by the relationship dynamic between animals and their owner’s and how the emotions of the owner seemed to affect their pets; not only their emotional health but their bodies and their ability to heal as well! Donna began to see the real significance of how emotions influence body and how animals and humans were influencing each other’s emotional states.

Donna has always been fascinated by the human psychic and emotional body and she has spent over a decade dedicated to her own self-development personal study of mental and emotional happiness. This included a yoga teacher training qualification in a holistic school in India and a life coaching certification from the USA.

The work Donna was did on her own consciousness and awareness transformed her world; the way that she saw and experience everything, her quality and enjoyment of life and what she was able to attract and bring to her.  She also found that all her relationships became infinity more fulfilling and joyful including those with the animals who we in her care. Donna decided she wanted to share her experiences and knowledge with others so they too could enjoy the benefits of much happier, healthier fulfilling lives and it was for this reason that she foundered Connected Consciousness transformational life coaching.

List of qualifications:

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