There is a part of our soul which is only truly awake when we love an animal

About Empowered Animal Owners Membership

The Empowered Animal Owners Project is a unique group run by Donna. It provides knowledge, guidance and connection for all animal owners who have the desire to create healthier, happier lives for their animals and deeper more meaningful connections with them. It is committed to providing a very high standard of learning together with uncompromised support and sense of community with like-minded souls.

There are two major ways that we are able to impact our animal’s quality of life and the kind of relationships that we share with them:

-Firstly, through our knowledge and understanding of their physical, mental and emotional needs. The more we are empowered with information in these areas the more we are able to make decisions and take actions that benefit and protect them. In this group we will look from a deeper, holistic level so you can understand the concepts and principles behind your animal’s needs. Once you have this understanding you will then be able to apply it to any situation to make more educated and beneficial decisions on their behalf.

-Secondly, through and understanding, awareness and care of our own mental and emotional states whilst we are with them. Our emotions are constantly influencing and transferring to the animals around us and impacting not only their mental and emotional health but their physical bodies as well. Whilst this may initially feel like a daunting responsibility when we learn how to understand, work with and care for our own emotions this actually becomes a huge positive and massively empowers us with our animals.

What makes this group so unique is that we will work in depth with both of these topics.  Donna is a qualified veterinary surgeon, equine and canine osteopath and life coach, which puts her in the rare position where she can bring these hugely important areas together and focus at the root of what truly impacts our animals’ health and happiness instead of just working on the symptoms. (link to – About Donna).

The vast majority of owners really want to do their best for their animals but they don’t always have the right kind of information and support available to help them achieve this.  The result is that many people experience high levels of worry, guilt and anxiety instead of the loving, joyful and fun connection that they really want.  This has always been a challenge for conscious animal ownership but perhaps now more than ever before due to the increase in technology, medical diagnostics and internet forums. It is so easy to get lost in a sea of information, conflicting opinions, comparison and uncertainty.

The mission of this group is to provide a comfortable space with access to the highest quality, information, understanding, skills and support for animal owners who truly want to evolve and grow. The ethos is to lift and carry everyone forward using group intention and energy which can be so much more enjoyable and effective then trying to work alone.

Each month we will explore a new important topic; there will be monthly online webinars as well as zoom based question and answer sessions, group skills, meditations and home-practices for you to really ground and deepen your learning with your animals. Everything is recorded and posted within the private group so you have access to watch all the material whenever you want. There is a calendar with the timetable for the months ahead so it is easy for you to plan for the sessions if you wish.

Many people struggle with busy lives (especially animal owners!) and find it a challenge to find the time and energy to really focus on their own learning and growth. With this in mind this group is designed to be very manageable to fit in with a busy schedule. There is no need to dedicate hours of the day to make changes. In fact, small amounts of time focused consistently are actually far more effective.

Membership costs £40 pcm, there is no contract so you can start and stop or freeze your membership at any time you wish.

If you would like to join for a free one-month trial to experience what it is like to be a part of this group and see how it could be of benefit to you, then you can do so using the form below.