There is no more meaningful or rewarding journey in life than the one we take into ourselves.

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About Heart Minded Membership

The intention of the Heart Minded Project is to empower people who have the desire for personal evolution and growth. It is committed to providing connection, community and unwavering support together with the highest quality of learning to all its members.

From conception through to early childhood we absorb a huge number of belief systems, patterns and emotion, many of which may be damaging or detrimental to our fulfilment in life. As adults however, we have a choice whether we are going to keep reliving and repeating this unconscious programming or if we are going to liberate ourselves through the development of self-awareness and discovery and begin the process of moving towards the people that we would most like to be. 

Living from the best version of ourselves is not about trying to be perfect, it is actually about learning to accept and love our humanity. Being human means being messy and complicated and no matter how much we grow we will always walk in the divide between where we are and where we want to be and between who we are and who we know we could be.  Learning to witness and hold this gap and all our struggles that exist within it, with love, kindness and compassion is our greatest challenge. It is also all that is ever needed to heal and transform any pattern or wound within us.

In this group, topic by topic, month by month you will gain greater knowledge, self-awareness and understanding allowing you to see your deeply held patterns, habits and beliefs. As these become conscious then choice and change become possible. The ethos of the group is kindness, support and empathy, there is no place for judgement here.  The group energy and focus are used to lift and carry everyone forward, which can be much more enjoyable and effective than trying to progress on our own.

Each month we will explore a new topic; there will be monthly zoom webinars as well as question and answer sessions and lots of self-practices to really ground and deepen your learning. Everything is recorded and posted within the private group so you have access to watch all the material whenever you want. There is a calendar with the timetable for the months ahead so it is easy for you to plan for the live sessions if you wish.

Many people struggle with busy lives and find it a challenge to find the time and energy to really focus on themselves. With this in mind this group is designed to be very manageable to fit in with a busy schedule. There is no need to dedicate hours of the day to make changes. In fact, small amounts of time focused consistently are actually by far the most effective way to evolve.

Membership costs £50 pcm, there is no contract so and you can start and stop or freeze your membership at any time you wish. If you have any questions or would like any more information then please get in touch.