Heart Minded Membership

There is no more courageous, essential or rewarding journey in life than the one into Self

The purpose of the Heart Minded membership it to bring together and to support people who want to live from a place of greater peace, joy and love and are constantly evolving to find their best version of themselves. When we work to do this, not only do our lives massively improve but all those who we love and come into contact with us will benefit greatly as well. In this way we become our own epicentre for all that we wish to see more of this world.

Living from the best version of ourselves is definitely not about trying to be perfect; it is about learning to see, accept and love our humanity. Being human means being messy, no matter how much we grow, we will always walk in the divide between where we are and where we want to be and between who we are and who we know we could be.  Learning to witness and hold our struggles and pain with love, kindness and compassion is really all that is ever needed to create all our healing and transformation.

Through this group topic by topic, month by month you will gain greater knowledge, self-awareness and understanding which will allow you to see your deeply held patterns, habits and beliefs. As we make things more conscious than choice and change becomes possible. The ethos of the group is kindness, support and empathy, there is no place for judgement or shame here. It uses group energy and focus to lift everyone up and carry them forward together which is so much more enjoyable and effective then trying to just work and progress on our own.

Each month we will cover a new topic focused on personal growth and freedom, there will be a monthly webinar as well as question and answer sessions, group meditations, in person meet ups and self-practices set every month to really ground and deepened your growth as well as lots of advice and discussion around books, meditations and other resources to help you on your journey. Everything is recorded and posted within the private group so you have access to watch it whenever you wish if you either can’t make the live sessions or wish to re watch something. All the live sessions will be held on zoom (apart from some occasional extra in person ones which will be additional to the main content). There is a calendar in the members group which has all the timetable for the months ahead so it is easy for you to plan to keep times free for the live sessions if you wish.

Most people have very busy lives with jobs, family, animals etc so the content in this group is aimed at people who don’t have a lot of time to offer each month. Small amounts of time but consistently given can change and achieve anything and this is defiantly true when it comes to ourselves.