There are only two ways to live; to approach everything from love, expansion and possibility or to approach if from fear, lack and restriction. It is a decision that we must all make every single day because it will determine our entire life experience.


What benefits one of us benefits all of us and what benefits humans benefits all life on our planet.

We are all unique but on a deeper level we all have the same basic needs and desires We all need to feel safe, secure, loved, meaningful, seen and healthy and we all desire to feel peaceful, whole, satisfied, energised and deeply alive.  

Even though at our core we all have the same requirements to make our lives joyful and satisfying the vast majority of the way that we live our lives, especially in the ‘developed’ world, takes us further and further away from this. So, what is going on?

We are conditioned through the makeup of our consumer society to believe that success in the external world and the consumption and accumulation of things will give us the gain of love, purpose, contentment and peace that we are all constantly searching for.  The reality is though those deep values and connections can not be achieved through gains in the outside world which only gives us superficial, temporary satisfaction and then leaves us craving, empty again needing more.  More money, things, people, relationships, experiences, travel ect but somehow, we never feel complete, good enough or satisfied when we get them. More than that the more we consume and bring destruction and suffering around us the more empty and unhappy we in turn feel.

True joy, satisfaction and meaning only come from making the journey into really knowing, accepting and loving ourselves. At this point we are then able recognise the truth that we are all connected and interlinked. We can then form real deep connections with other people, animals and the earth and chose to act in ways which bring joy and benefit to us all and to step into our role as moral loving custodians for the planet.