People come for individual coaching sessions for many reasons and there is no right way or time to start. Some people are looking for guidance around a specific challenge or intention but for many people it is just a general feeling that there must be more potential to their lives. Often on a surface level everything can look perfectly fine but that doesn’t mean we are peaceful or content in our inner worlds. Whatever the feelings, we don’t need to be able to explain or justify discomfort in order to decide that we would like to make changes. Your one precious life is yours alone and only you get to decide how you want to experience it.

Individual coaching costs £50 per 1hr. These sessions may be in person but are usually done remotely online.

Many people are hesitant about the idea of undertaking coaching virtually, however most people who try it once find they love it as it feels safe and comfortable to be within their own space and the time demands are so much less.

It is very important that you feel supported during your sessions as this allows you to work more openly and get the maximum from your time.  Donna offers free half hour initial appointments so you can both get a feel for what it would be like to work together. This also gives people who are new to the experience of coaching virtually a chance to experience how it works first hand.

If you would like to book a free initial appointment or have any questions about 1:1 coaching with Donna then please get in touch.

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Testimonials from some of Donna's clients

Donna worked with me on a much deeper level than I’ve ever experienced. I could barely speak at first for the tears and pain, yet Donna found a way to get through, slowly and steady, offering me a different way of thinking and feeling. Donna turned my pain into love, and showed me a way to think and feel that brought me joy and peace.

Donna showed empathy and compassion, and didn’t judge - ever. She held my virtual hand.

When you work with Donna, don’t expect the normal. This work is on a much deeper emotional level. It’s not easy. But if you are open to it and embrace it, and really listen to Donna’s words of advice and direction, you will find yourself in a completely different, better, calmer and happier place - with yourself and with whatever the world throws at you:

Clare Frost

I am a 63 year old ex-IT manager who retired three years ago and promptly had a serious breakdown/ major anxiety meltdown. I tried two councillors, one of whom helped but what they offered really seemed only to provide coping strategies – they helped stop the bad stuff but didn't have a way to make things better. I would never have considered a "Life Coach" – the title caries too many negative connotations for me - but my wife persuaded me to join her at one of Donna's horse-related presentations and (cliché alert) I have never looked back. What she said landed with me and provided a mixture of practical measures and "emotional philosophy" (my quotes) that offered more than just coping. We (my wife started sessions with Donna shortly after I did) have now been clients for several years and yes I know it is an awful cliché but our lives have been drastically changed for the better. I could say much, much more and am always happy to speak to anyone who wants to know more about her approach.

John Fell

Working with Donna has been a revelation. I have learned so much about myself and my relationships including those with my animals. Donna 's wisdom and compassion has helped me find my way through some difficult times and helped me to make some lasting positive changes. If you are wondering whether to contact Donna then definitely do.

Caroline Ramsey