Treatment Philosophy

Donna’s aim is to provide long term effective treatment to the animals in her care. Her focus is to address the underlying cause of problems are restore unity, function and balance to the body so it can both fully heal and maintain its own health moving forward. 

To achieve this it is necessary to consider the whole animal mentally, emotionally as physically as well as looking at management, social structure, exercise, nutrition and environment.

Many treatment methods focus on the reduction of symptoms without addressing the disfunction in body systems which underlie them.  This highlights one of the most important differences between some conventional and alternative treatment approached. Conventional can be very focused on symptom relief which has the potential to be extremely useful for short term problems but very limited in regaining true health after a disfunction has been in the body for a longer time.

Donna works with the body tissue; fascia, organs, muscles and ligaments in a very gentle way as she finds this the most effective way to achieve real transformation. By working below the body’s pain threshold and defence mechanisms she is able to remove the block and barriers preventing the body from healing its self rather than imposing her own agenda on the body. This way changes are deep roots and long lasting and not effected by things like travelling your horse shortly after treatment.

When it comes to restoring balance, function and health to the body Donna philosophy is that less pressure and force equals much more healing. After her treatments many of Donna’s clients comment that ‘she doesn’t look like she is really doing anything but their reactions and transformation say it all’