All our webinars are designed to give you the very highest quality learning experience. This means not only expanding your knowledge but also guiding you towards higher levels of self-discovery and an understanding of how it applies to you as an individual. They also contain home practice exercises showing you how to apply the information directly into your daily life and to keep honing and evolving your skills over time.

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Webinars for Everybody

These webinars are designed to be of benefit to everybody regardless of life experience or personal history.  Whilst on the surface the ways that we express ourselves and experience life are quite unique to each of us, on the deeper level we all share many fundamental needs, wants, struggles and pain patterns. It is this commonality at the root of what it means to be human where these webinars focus and this makes them extremely powerful transformation tools.

Webinars for Animal Owners

These webinars are specifically designed for animal owners who want to gain the knowledge and skills to create happier, healthier lives for their animals and deeper, more meaningful connections with them.

There are two fundamental ways that we are able to impact our animal’s quality of life and the kind of relationships that we share with them.

Firstly, our knowledge and understanding of their physical, mental and emotional needs. The more we are empowered with information in these areas the more we are able to make decisions and take actions that benefit and protect them. These webinars look at topics from a deeper, holistic level so you can work with the concepts and principles behind their needs. Once you have this understanding you are then able to apply it to any situation and make more educated and positive decisions on your animal’s behalf.

Secondly, we have an enormous impact on our animals through our own mental and emotional states. Our emotions are constantly influencing and transferring to the animals around us. This impacts not only their mental and emotional health and happiness but their physical bodies as well.

This may feel like a daunting responsibility if we are not well connected and practised at working with our bodies and emotions.  However, if we are willing to put the time and effort into gaining self-awareness and tools and skills to care for our minds and emotions then it becomes extremely empowering how much we are able to connect to and deepen our impact with the animals that we love.

These webinars will provide you with learning in both of these areas. They are all written by Donna who is a qualified veterinary surgeon, equine and canine osteopath and life coach. (About Donna)

Webinar Testimonials

I wish I had been doing Donna's courses 30 years ago. Pure gold and completely transformative in all areas of my life. Donna is a fabulous coach and the lovely group is truly supportive.

Marion Fell

I have been privileged to join Donna for two group-based courses. She explains everything very clearly and is always understanding and totally supportive. Some of the work she asks for is very challenging but I have always felt clearly guided and supported throughout. For me Donna's coaching has been transformational. I know I am a more grounded, calmer person and that my life has changed for the better on so many ways.

Jane Bowman

Having completely lost my confidence riding over the last 5 years, I had given up. I am NLP certified, been on many training courses over the years and really thought nothing could make a difference. I did a day course with Donna that was super interesting but nothing truly resonated with me. Until I got on my horse the next day when I heard what Donna had said as loud as a bell. Thankfully, I listened how to counteract that negativity and recited it immediately. It was completely life changing for both of us. 18 months later my horse and I have gone from strength to strength. This is just the tip of the iceberg for the tools Donna has equipped me with.

Nicola Butler

I attended a series of coaching workshops that Donna developed and delivered for animal owners. Each session was inspiring and insightful, and introduced me to some valuable new perspectives. Donna has a gift in her ability to distil salient points, explain them in a way that is easy to understand and suggest practical actions to support continued improvement and development.

Jacqui Sharland